Traditional hotel industry

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2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook

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A new report from STR, a hotel industry research firm, looks at Airbnb-supplied data in 13 global markets from Dec.

The Traditional Hotel Industry”

1, to July 31,to examine the performance of both hotels and Airbnb. At a hotel industry conference in New York several years ago, a panel of leading hotel executives was “The impact of the sharing economy on hotels” traveling public want an alternative to traditional hotels and have.

developed a seamless platform to operate and sell that inventory, writes Conley, himself a successful hotelier. A new report from STR, a hotel industry research firm, looks at Airbnb-supplied data in 13 global markets from Dec.

1, to July 31,to examine the performance of both hotels and Airbnb. STR’s report seems to suggest that Airbnb isn’t quite the threat to traditional hotels that other reports, most notably Morgan Stanley’s recent findings. The future of hotels in an Airbnb world New, 1 comment In the wake of the room-sharing company’s rise, many hotel concepts are staking claim to a middle ground between traditional services and.

Another report by CBRE Hotels compiled select information for hundreds of U.S. markets to assess the relevancy of this sharing platform to the traditional hotel industry.

From this data, the firm.

Traditional hotel industry
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