Skin care market continue to grow

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Oct 07,  · The skin care segment accounted for a value share of 18% in India cosmeceutical, cosmetics & personal care market in and this share is projected to further grow in the coming years. Skin care products are exhibiting swift growth due to rising awareness about hazards caused by pollution, UV rays, etc.

Globally skin care is leading the way in the organic market, accounting for 32% of global revenues inat an estimated $bn, a figure that is projected to grow at a CAGR of % up to As in the general market for organic personal care, this category is being boosted by awareness and innovation, but also by increasingly targeted.

The Global Sun Care Products Market is forescasted to grow at a CAGR of % during the period PR Newswire LONDON, Oct. 24, LONDON, Oct.

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The report on global Cosmetic Skin Care market is a comprehensive study of demand, market size, forecasts, trends and factors affecting the global Cosmetic Skin Care market. Skin Care Products Market Skin care products market is majorly driven by the young consumers’ especially young women population who wants to achieve .

Skin care market continue to grow
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