Glycogen resynthesis after exercise

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Regulation of glycogen resynthesis following exercise. Dietary considerations.

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Postexercise muscle glycogen replenishment occurs in two phases: A rapid rate that persists for 30 to 60 minutes after exercise cessation and a considerably reduced rate (60–90%) in the time period afterward.

Ingestion of g glucose/kg bodyweight every 2 hours appears to maximise glycogen resynthesis rate at approximately 5 to 6 mumol/g wet weight/h during the first 4 to 6 hours after exhaustive exercise.

Caffeine ingestion does not impede the resynthesis of proglycogen and macroglycogen after prolonged exercise and carbohydrate supplementation in humans. In the high-intensity trial, glycogen content decreased further during the first 3 h after exercise, and only in this trial was a significant (P glycogen resynthesis (∼25%) observed after food intake.

Chapter One: Statement of the Problem Introduction Muscle glycogen is an essential energy substrate during prolonged, moderate to high intensity exercise^’ After an extended bout of exercise.

Strategies to maximize muscle glycogen resynthesis after exercise

Glycogen resynthesis is a key part of the recovery process because restoring fuel in muscles is vital for supporting exercise performance.

Before these findings, sports nutritionists assumed that consuming caffeine after prolonged exercise would actually hinder the resynthesis of glycogen .

Glycogen resynthesis after exercise
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